Human Pheromones: The Edge Pheromones

The Edge Pheromone Spray

The exact ingredients of The Edge pheromone are a manufacturer's secret, but there is a guaranteed pheromone content of 2.4 mg per bottle. The pheromone smell is unpleasant (this is an androstenone product) and using an appropriate cover scent is required, especially with the unscented version. Even the scented version (sandalwood) isn't strong enough to cover the pheromone smell.

Apply 1 or 2 sprays to your neck or your chest and cover with your favorite cologne. Or use in combination with other pheromone products: WAGG, Scent of Eros, Alter Ego, or Pheros.

Also available: Edge Essentials version.

The Edge users say:

"My favorite pheromone product for getting attention is The Edge spray."

"Some people may look at the price of The Edge or see that it comes as part of the newbie pack and doubt its effectiveness, but TE really works - it has unique effects that you can't get with other products. "

"The Edge is very strong - for the small price tag, I think it is one of the best products available."

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Pheromone Special

The original human pheromone store  offers a 24 ml The Edge pheromone spray in their "Beginner Special" pack.      Click here for details.