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Perception Pheromone

Posted on August 20th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

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Perception pheromone spray contains three pheromones - androstenol (2 mg), androstenone (1 mg) and androsterone (1 mg). Also, each Perception pack includes a 5 ml atomizer of concentrated fragrance.

This pheromone product is different than others because once applied, it is released slowly and evenly over the next 10-12 hours. Perception’s unique formula ensures that each application lasts all day but can be easily removed completely with a bath or shower. Perception is water-based and therefore eliminates pheromone build-up problem. Unscented gel packs are also available.

Perception has been receiving very positive feedback on Love Scent forum.

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