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The Edge Pheromone Spray

Posted on July 29th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

The exact formula of The Edge pheromone spray is a manufacturer’s secret, but there is a guaranteed pheromone content of 2.4 mg per bottle. The pheromone smell is not pleasant so using an appropriate cover scent is recommended, especially with the unscented version. The scented version comes in sandalwood.

Apply 1-2 sprays to neck area or chest. Wear covered with Scent of Eros or Alter Ego. It can also be combined with W.A.G.G.

The Edge gel packs are also available, as well as the Edge Essentials version of this pheromone product.

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Alter Ego Pheromone

Posted on July 26th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Alter Ego contains three distinct types of pheromones: 0.2mg/ml androstenone, 0.15mg/ml androstenol, and 0.1 mg/ml androsterone, in an oil base. Versions for men and women are available.

Apply 2 to 5 drops to the usual cologne application points. You can also mix Alter Ego with Scent of Eros (at about at about 1:1) , NPA (at about 3:1) or WAGG. Alter Ego is great for covering the unpleasant smell of The Edge pheromone spray.

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