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Liquid Trust Body Spray

Posted on June 14th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Scientists have discovered a chemical that makes people trust each other. Liquid Trust spray contains that chemical - oxytocin - the hormone that controls the level of trust in people.

Liquid Trust is the world’s first product specially formulated to increase trust in the wearer. It comes in a 1/4 oz spray bottle and it is unscented. Spray Liquid Trust on your clothing, along with your favorite cologne.

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Chikara Pheromone Cologne

Posted on June 10th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Chikara (C7) contains the three pheromones found in most of the pheromone products: androstenone, androsterone and androstenol, plus four new pheromones never before used in perfumery. Chikara comes in a 15ml spray bottle and the total guaranteed pheromone content per bottle is 10 mg.

Chikara is scented with a beautiful musk fragrance and it can be combined with The Edge, Alter Ego or NPA.

Also, Chikara is available in gel packs. Gel packs are non-oily and easy to carry and apply.

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Primal Instinct Pheromones

Posted on June 9th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

There are two versions of Primal Instinct pheromone: Ylang-Ylang Scented Primal Instinct and Unscented Primal Instinct. This product has the most powerful concentration of the male pheromone androstenone (anone). In fact, PI contains more androstenone than any other pheromone product on the market. Therefore, only a few drops (no more than two) of PI will produce the desired effect on the person you want to attract. Apply with Scent of Eros or WAGG.

For women - Primal for Her offers the highest concentration of the female pheromone androstenol and copulins. It can be used on its own, or mixed with your own favorite perfume.

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How To Apply Pheromone Products

Posted on June 6th, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Here are some basic tips and guidelines for applying pheromone perfumes and colognes:

The most important thing is to carefully read and follow any special application instructions that come with the pheromone product you want to use.

Apply the pheromone product to the pulse point areas of the body. Pulse points (hot spots) are areas where human body produces greater body heat. These include: the wrists, inner part of the elbow, base of the neck at the throat, the hair and scalp, center of the chest, and behind the ears. Women can also apply pheromone perfumes to ankles, thighs, and the backs of the knees.

Consider applying the pheromone products to your clothing instead of your skin. Due to your body heat pheromone perfumes applied to the skin can evaporate very quickly. Furthermore, pheromones applied to the skin can be destroyed by bacteria and get washed away by sweat. Some androstenone-based pheromone products can only be applied on clothing. Keep in mind that the pheromone smell will be on there for a longer period of time, and it may take several washes to come off completely.

Always use the correct amount of pheromones to achieve the results you want and be cautious of the “body odor” effect. Androstenone pheromones have a smell which many women perceive as invasive. Keep in mind that many males can’t detect this smell at all, however most women can smell it very well. Also, try to avoid pheromone build-up. This happens when human skin absorbs so much pheromones from the applications over a period of time - that you notice a significant drop off in pheromone effectiveness. To prevent this - apply products to your clothing.

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Scent of Eros

Posted on June 3rd, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Scent of Eros pheromone fragrance doesn’t contain androstenone - pheromone that has a very unpleasant scent. Instead, Scent of Eros (SOE) for men contains androstenol and androsterone. Both androsterone and androstenol are sweet-smelling and give men more pleasant masculine appeal. Scent of Eros for women mimics the appealing scent of a young fertile woman.

Scent of Eros is available in an oil-based roll-on applicator, or as a gel-pack. There are two versions available – for men, and for women, plus an unscented version. It can be combined with other pheromone products such as Alter Ego, Primal Instinct or The Edge.

SOE users report that people are more relaxed and comfortable around them, and generally more friendly.

More info about Scent of Eros - here.

Do Pheromones Work?

Posted on June 2nd, 2007 by HumanPheromone.org filed under Pheromones

Since 1870. scientists have known about pheromones and recorded the effects of pheromones on mating in some animal species. In 1986. the scientists proved the existence of human pheromones, and began to document their effects. Today, there is no doubt that pheromones in human body scent are playing an important role in mate attraction.

Individuals who use pheromone colognes and perfumes claim that those products increase their attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. Also, users of pheromone products report that people are more friendly and pay more attention to them. If you choose your pheromone store carefully, and get pheromone perfumes or oils which are produced by trusted manufacturers, you can see that pheromones DO work.